About the Project

Why the project?


The demographic, educational and economic developments of the last decades call to action in different spheres. One of these is the vocational education and training (VET) sector, in which most of the EU countries show up a need to substantial revision of existing systems due to, i. a.:

  • low level of participation by young people in VET,
  • mismatch of the required qualifications on the labour market and the gained skills in VET trainings,
  • mismatch of qualifications’ levels of the required and gained skills,
  • high participation of youth in tertiary level programs,
  • low permeability between the VET and academic pathways.

What are the objectives of the project?


  • Greatly improved integration of young people in vocational training and reduction of youth unemployment and
  • Provision of qualified staff and thus promotion of innovation and competitiveness in SMEs.

How are the objectives reached?


  • Based on the German system of dual vocational training for three countries with predominantly school-based vocational training (Poland, Lithuania and Hungary) development of specific concepts for the realization of work based learning in VET.
  • Introduction of dual vocational training that is tailored to the specific conditions of the country and include the experiences from all countries around the Baltic Sea.
  • Development of adapted curricula for train-the-trainers in SMEs (in-company trainers educating the trainees in the enterprise) and implementations in Poland, Lithuania and Hungary.
  • Development of coordinated concepts and set-up of an international network for permanent promotion and implementation of work based learning in 13 Baltic Sea Region countries.
  • Transfer of the project results to 67 education providers from 13 countries and promoting broad-based implementations.

What are the results for use?


  •  Analyses of dual systems
  • Curricula and Concepts for dual trainings
  • Curricula and materials for Train the Trainer in companies
  • Manual with all results and materials