Project Results

Product O1 analyses the labour and education markets in the Baltic Sea Region and the dual vocational training in Germany. Furthermore, it gives an outlook on future educational policy in the Baltic Sea Region.

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Produkt O1 Duale Systeme der BerufsbildungContent goes here


Part 1 of Product O2 presents the concepts for the implementation of a dual vocational training in Hungary (EN/GER), Poland (EN), and Lithuania (EN). In the second part of Product 2 the implementation plans for such trainings in Hungary (GER) and Poland (EN) are introduced.

-In English and in German-

Produkt O2 Konzepte und Planungen zur Realisierung dualer Systeme in drei Ländern


In Product O3 the curricula for the training and the respective materials are presented. It further shows the implementation of the dual vocational training in Lithuania and Hungary and evaluates them.

-In English (with some materials in Lithuanian and Hungarian)-

Produkt O3 Curricula und Implementierung duale Berufsausbildung


Product O4 documents the development of concepts, curricula, and examination regulations. It further includes the implementation reports of theTrain-the-Trainer seminars in Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania, as well as the evaluation reports of these implementations.

-In English (with some materials in German)-

Produkt O4 Curricula und Implementierung Ausbildung der Ausbilder


Product O5 presents two strategic programmes to promote dual systems in vocational education for a) chambers and b) universities/colleges.

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Produkt O5 Duale Förderkonzepte


Product O6 is a manual with the title “Qualification and integration of young people through dual vocational training” which documents all results achieved during the timespan of the project.

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Produkt O6 Handbuch und Verbreitungen


Video / an insight of our work in Poland: reporting in news in a regional Tv about the Project Conference on 23.05.2017 and WBL issues in Stettin, Poland.