Work Based Learning

It is essential for the companies in the Baltic Sea Region to stay innovative, thus the Baltic Sea Academy is involved in several R&D projects. The best investment in the long run, however, is the qualification of future entrepreneurs. Therefore the Baltic Sea Academy is running several educational initatives. An prominent instrument is the implementation of work-based learning or the so-called dual system, where apprentices and students get trained at vocational school/university and on the job, in a company at the same time. Students earn credit points for the academic efforts as well as the actual work in the firm. The illustrations to the left give an overview:

  • ¬†On Monday, the young person is listening to a lecture at school.
  • On Tuesday, he is working on his paper or thesis at the library.
  • On Wednesday he is working in the company, getting support by his superviser.
  • On Thursday, he goes to a customer and learns from real-life negotiations.
  • After the training, he/she gets two degrees: The degree from the school or university (bachelor) and the skilled worker degree from the company. Also in the long run, this person is the living bridge for the active exchange between companies and schools.